Umpire Scorer Development

The Association is involved in recruiting, training and promoting cricket officials. The following members are involved in training and development of officials.

Hertfordshire Observers and Assessors Panel!

Jon Holland.jpg

Jon Holland

County Development Officer

HACO New Logo.jpg

Roger Knight

Gerry Wilkinson.jpg

Gerry Wilkinson

Brian Shepherd.jpg

Brian Shepherd

Hertfordshire Umpire Tutor Panel!

Tim Calicott1.jpg

Tim Caldicott County Education Officer

Peter Hinstridge.jpg

Peter Hinstridge

Nick Hall.jpg

Nick Hall

HW Umpire Photo.jpg

Hemal Wijesuriya

Hertfordshire Scorer Tutor Panel!

Hilary Stiffin.jpg

Hilary Stiffin

County Scorers' Officer

Chris Mountain.jpg

Chris Mountain

Connor Mulholand.jpg

Connor Mullholand

Mike Arnold.jpg

Mike Arnold