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The ECB is committed to ensuring cricket is a game for everyone by breaking down barriers and ensuring that cricket is a truly inclusive and diverse sport.


Following the launch of Raising the Game, a number of tools and resources have been made available on the ECB’s EDI Content Hub.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Everyone has a part to play in raising the game and tackling discrimination and inequality within cricket.

One of the e-learning modules is designed to help everyone in the recreational game understand the 9 protected characteristics set out in the UK Equality Act 2010.


This short course is open to all across the recreational game and takes around 30mins to complete.


Follow this link to access the EDI module.


Follow this link to access ECB Raising the Game Hub for other e-learning material.

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New Umpire Training Course.jpg

New!! ECB Umpiring Course 2024

***  Watch this space for dates  ***

This course is designed to give new umpires the key skills, knowledge and confidence to stand as an umpire in cricket. No prior experience of umpiring in cricket is required before attending the course.

Whether you plan to support Junior Softball cricket through to adult cricket, this course will cover the following topics:

  • Understanding the role of the umpire

  • Gain a basic understanding of umpiring the game

  • Answering appeals and the common methods of dismissal

  • How to communicate effectively with all stakeholders in the game

  • Judging whether or not it is safe to play

For further information relating to our training and education programme, please contact: 


For Umpires - Tim Caldicott

07721 017651

For Scorers -  Hilary Stiffin   

07779 108156

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