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CPD module on linear scoring

There will be a half-day course on Linear Scoring at Radlett CC on Saturday 18 March, starting at 10.00 a.m.

This CPD module teaches how to complete a linear scoresheet, which is an alternative layout of paper scoresheet to the conventional box style scoring record. Linear scoresheets provide a good back-up system when using a computer package such as TCS, so the module will be of particular interest to people in this position. There will be a large practical element of scoring a recorded match. The cost of the course will be £25 per head.

The module is available to scorers who are members of ACO, and they should be qualified at least at ACO Level 1 or, as a minimum, have attended a Club Scorer course. Completion of this module is a requirement for scorers aiming to qualify at ACO Level 3. Those who attend will receive an ECB ACO linear scoring certificate.

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